Dance Waterloo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to cultivate, create, and perform interdisciplinary methods of dance for the community through public space, education, and collaboration.

Dance Waterloo’s vision is to encourage new audiences to discover, encounter, and experience dance in unconventional, forgotten, or overlooked public spaces within the city of Austin. We invite the public to act as both a dance observer and participant through performances and community dance programming. Through this mission and vision, Austinites can enhance their appreciation of dance, the city, and of each other.

Dance Waterloo’s 4 Tenets

  1. Collaboration
    We believe in building a bridge between artistic disciplines in order to create dance for every art lover. When we work together with other artists, our minds spark new ideas that we wouldn’t be able to produce alone. We continue to learn about art by learning from each other.
  2. Public Spaces
    We believe in imprinting a public space with our art so that people can connect with dance in a place they already know. Our inspirations are drawn from the history, both natural and man-made. Though it is not a person, we view a public space as a form of collaboration as well as we take in an environment to create dance and give back through performance.
  3. Education
    We believe education is not a K-12 thing but a lifetime endeavor. An education in dance holds the key to growth in character, physicality, and mentality. We aim to educate through dance education programming.
  4. Community
    We love our Austin community. We came up with the name Dance Waterloo in order to represent the history, diversity, and culture of this unique city that once was known as Waterloo, Texas. We believe that our art adds to the Austin community by bringing people together for entertainment, conversation, activity, and rest. We do this by allowing all of our programs and performances to be accessible to the public.