Finding Simplicity in a World of Tech

Today is National Simplicity Day where we celebrate cutting out the unimportant things in life and become a state or quality of being simple or easy to understand. Henry David Thoreau said, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will become simpler.” 

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In a world of technology, there is constant communication and the need to feel “on” all the time. Most of the time it can make us feel complicated with what our wants and needs are. When we can practice simplicity, we can get back to our personal core desires, needs, and begin to become easier to understand within ourselves, and with others.

You can declutter the unnecessary things from your life to find clarity on what you need to celebrate National Simplicity Day (or any time), however, for many that are easier said than done. Below is a guided movement exercise to help you declutter, find clarity, and embark on the simplicity and beauty of movement.

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  • Find a comfortable position in a space that feels comfortable to you whether it be home or in nature. 
  • Close your eyes, inhale through your nose for five seconds, and exhale through your mouth for five seconds. Repeat two more times.
  • Take notice of how your body is feeling in this environment and position. Where do you feel pain or even mild discomfort?
  • If you have neck pain, perhaps you want to bring movement to that area.
  • Bring small, slow circular movements to the area of your body you chose. Explore clockwise and counterclockwise movements for about three minutes.
  • After ending your simple, circular movements, keep your eyes closed and return to the breathing series you began with. 

Reflect. Like simple circular movements, the art of decluttering and finding clarity is a small cyclical process. Identify something small you can do to declutter unnecessary things from your life. Perhaps it is avoiding screen time while you’re using the bathroom or getting ready without the tv on in the morning. How will this small decluttering motion give clarity?

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