My Dance Internship For My Non-Dancer Self: An Interview with Jasmine Crowley

Our Journalism intern, Jasmine Crowley, is finishing up her 8-month internship with us. She is typically the one who sits down and interviews our partners and company members but this time WE got to interview her!

What was your overall DW internship experience like?

My overall experience was awesome. I’ve learned so much over these past months. I began my internship with Dance Waterloo not knowing much about modern dance OR nonprofits, and it’s insane to think about how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. The company directors and dancers are all so dedicated to Dance Waterloo and its mission, and they were all so welcoming. The Dance Waterloo directors and dancers all made me feel like a member of the family, not just an intern. I was able to gain so much experience in areas that I was unfamiliar with, and that’s always a goal in any internship.

Jasmine managing concessions during Dance Waterloo’s performance Off The Wall in 2017.

What was it like working with a dance company when you don’t come from a dance background?

It was definitely a bit intimidating at first. The ballet class I took when I was five didn’t really prepare me for working with a professional dance company, and I definitely had to get used to the way a dance company functions. But seeing the creative process of the company directors and dancers really inspired me to be more expressive and creative with my own work. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the performances and programming were created really opened my eyes to the dedication, creativity and passion that the directors and the dancers all had.

Jasmine photographs a What The Fit?! class in 2017.

What was it like working for a nonprofit?

When I found out that Dance Waterloo was a nonprofit, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had zero experience with nonprofits. Since beginning my internship in January, I have learned so much about the ins and outs of nonprofits. Initially, I had no idea about what all is required for a nonprofit to function. Grant writing was a foreign concept to me. Over time I learned that there are so many moving parts within a nonprofit, and the company directors did an awesome job of answering each and every question I had.

Jasmine’s photography behind the scenes of Dance Waterloo’s dance film, Recollect in 2017.

What was your favorite thing about working with DW?

My favorite aspect of the internship was probably being able to work so closely with the company directors. A lot of internships don’t give you the opportunity to work with people at different levels, but I was able to work with all of the company directors within Dance Waterloo. I also enjoyed how I was able to specify what I wanted to work on and what skills I wanted to improve, and that’s not something that every internship offers. With Dance Waterloo, I was able to work on projects that utilized skills I already had, while also being able to develop new skills. I really enjoyed my time with Dance Waterloo and I know I’ve learned skills that will help me in the future.

Jasmine’s photography of Dance Waterloo’s Storybook Dance Making class in 2017.


It has been our pleasure to work alongside Jasmine the past eight months! She’s kind, flexible, detailed, organized, dependable, and fresh out of school in May 2018 ready to tackle the real world of journalism! We love you, Jasmine!


Morgan Teel

Artistic Director

Dance Waterloo

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