“Therefore” (2018) was an innovative interdisciplinary project hosted at Epoch Coffee in Austin, Texas. This artistic collaboration between Dance Waterloo, multimedia artist Griffin Hanson, and composer/musician Cole McDonnell and friends aimed to explore the themes of unnerving, radical, and momentous change. The intimate setting of Epoch Coffee provided the perfect backdrop for this creative endeavor. The project seamlessly blended dance, multimedia art, and live music to deliver a captivating and immersive experience for the audience. Through mesmerizing choreography, striking visual elements, and a captivating live soundtrack, “Therefore” delved into the concept of change, encouraging viewers to contemplate its various facets without necessarily focusing on negative aspects. This interdisciplinary venture pushed the boundaries of artistic expression and left a profound and lasting impact on all who attended, igniting conversations and reflections on the nature of change in our constantly evolving world.