Our Programs

Dance Waterloo is a non profit organization based in Austin whose mission is to cultivate, create, and perform interdisciplinary methods of dance for the community through public space, education, and collaboration. To do so we offer a number of classes and programs that make dance more approachable to our community.

Our site specific dance classes called Dance in Public Spaces, take place at public art installations throughout Austin, giving dancers the chance to explore and create dance in a new and inspiring setting, as well as allowing the community to view, free and publicly, the dancers and the class. DIPS classes merge Dance Waterloo’s passions for dance and community in an innovative and unique way.

We also offer Storybook Dance Making classes that combine dance, art, and storytelling in a way that is fun and inviting for families and children. These dance education classes allow children to experiment with movement, creating and acting out stories with their bodies, all while discovering and learning with their parents cohesively. Our goal for these classes is to foster social and emotional growth in children through dance and creative expression.

The third program Dance Waterloo offers is a Stretch and Strengthening class. This class is designed for people of all ages and aims to give participants new and useful ways to both stretch and strengthen their bodies to music, through movement.

Dance Waterloo is an inventive and community based organization whose goal is to provide fun, affordable, and approachable dance classes to people of all ages and to reinforce our passion and belief for the need for dance in Austin.