Spring Is In Bloom, Dance Waterloo Is Too!

Hello Friends,
Spring is in bloom and Dance Waterloo is, too! We are having a blast devising ideas, mapping them out, and seeing these seeds begin to grow. We are happy to officially announce that we are partnering with Austin Public Library and Recycled Reads to bring Storybook Dance Making to the Austin community. This is not a dance class for kids, but a build-your-own-choreography class for families to strengthen their bond and have fun together in a fresh, creative way. These classes will begin in September and will meet twice a month, so if you’re in the Austin area mark your calendar! They will be free for all!

Spring Is In Bloom Dance Waterloo

We had the privilege to participate in Art in the Park Festival at the end of March, and let me tell you, it was the funnest time I have had outdoors all day since my 5th grade field day. 900 students from all over Austin came to our booth to create ribbon wands. The wands were decorated and painted from tree sticks and the ribbons were reused materials donated by Austin Creative Reuse. Dance Waterloo is commiting to recycling and reusing as much as we can for our upcoming projects. It was extremely rewarding to see how stimulating ribbon dance making could be for physically disabled children. Just the small movements of the wands made a lot of movement from ribbon and the children lit up when they saw this. They were dance makers. They were artists and they believed it.

We’re looking onward as we continue to plan and progess in establishing a solid foundation for Dance Waterloo. I appreciate your continual support. You are the fuel for us to inspire, initiate, ignite, and interrelate dance in the Austin community.

Happy April,

Morgan Teel
Artistic Director

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