New Girl On The Block: An Interview with Heather Meeboer


Heather Meeboer is our newest company member this year. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia and received her BFA in Dance from Radford University. We recently sat down with Heather so you could learn more about this dance and teaching artist.


How did you get into dance and what is the path you have taken up to this point?
I told my mother I wanted to take dance lessons at age two. She enrolled me at a local studio and I never stopped after that! I danced throughout school, went to university and completed a BFA in Dance with an emphasis in Classical Ballet, and began dancing and choreographing professionally after graduation. In addition to Dance Waterloo, I also perform with Austin Metamorphosis Dance, where I am Assistant Artistic Director. I consider myself a dancer first, even though I’ve gotten more and more into choreography in the last few years. I’ve also begun teaching dance classes more recently and have really enjoyed exploring and learning from that new challenge.


Heather in Dance Waterloo’s Modern In Mueller class.


What is some advice you would give to your younger self? 
Advice I would give to my younger self is – be bold! I was terrified for many years that no one would think I was talented enough to dance professionally and it stunted my technical development. I have since learned that directors and choreographers are looking for confidence and performance ability, not technical perfection. Do your best and be confident in your abilities!


What is your favorite thing about dancing with Dance Waterloo? 
With Dance Waterloo, I love getting to dance and create movement in unique spaces! It stretches my creativity and I feel that it makes me a more well-rounded artist.


What is your favorite memory of dance through all these years? 
One of my favorite dance memories was dancing the role of Alice in a ballet production of Alice in Wonderland. It wasn’t my first principal role, but it was the first time I had danced a “title” role that was onstage for almost the whole length of the ballet and it was gratifying to earn that honor.


Has your family been encouraging and supportive of your dance career? 
My parents have always been very supportive of me dancing. They want me to be happy, whatever path that takes me. They did insist that I get a college degree first, though!


Does Pilates training influence how you participate in site-specific dance? 
I think Pilates has helped keep me strong and injury-free throughout my career. Especially performing on uneven surfaces, I’m always thankful that I have the core strength to stay upright! I also feel like Pilates helps provide my body the freedom to move the way I need it to and that allows me less things to worry about when I’m dancing.

Heather in Dance Waterloo’s Modern In Mueller class.


You can find Heather in the premiere of therefore May 17-20, 2018 at Epoch Coffee on Anderson.


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